Panda Chain:
Eco Crypto Future

Join Panda Chain, the green cryptocurrency revolutionizing blockchain with a focus on sustainability

About Us

Panda Chain is at the forefront of eco-friendly cryptocurrency innovations. Our mission is to leverage blockchain technology to support environmental sustainability efforts globally. The $PCC token is more than just digital currency; it’s a commitment to the planet. By integrating green technologies and practices, we ensure that every transaction not only benefits our users but also contributes positively to the world’s ecosystems.

As a team of dedicated developers, environmental scientists, and blockchain enthusiasts, we are committed to transforming how cryptocurrencies impact the environment. Our platform is designed for those who care about their financial future and the world they live in. Join us in pioneering a sustainable path forward with Panda Chain, where your investments drive real-world change.


Secure & Sustainable

Utilizing proof-of-stake technology, our platform reduces the environmental footprint compared to traditional proof-of-work systems, ensuring secure and energy-efficient operations.

Eco-Friendly Mining

Utilizes renewable energy sources to reduce the carbon footprint of blockchain mining, supporting a cleaner planet

Carbon Offset Mechanism

Panda Chain incorporates a built-in carbon offset for each transaction, directly funding reforestation and conservation efforts.


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  • Token Name: Panda Chain
  • Ticker Name: $PCC
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Total Supply: 210 Billions

CA: 0xE8a802EAE137c8b7169c531996801B9eB256f623


Phase 1

Foundation and Launch
[Q2 – Q4 2024]

  • Complete initial coin offering (ICO) of $PCC to raise capital for project initiatives.
  • Implement the first version of the Panda Chain wallet app with basic functionality.
  • Establish partnerships with environmental organizations to validate project goals.
  • Begin development of the carbon offset feature within the blockchain transactions.
  • Launch marketing campaign to boost community engagement and investor interest.
  • Host community events and webinars to educate about eco-friendly cryptocurrency use.

Phase 2

Expansion and Grow
[2025 onwards]

  • Roll out advanced features in the Panda Chain wallet, including multi-currency support.
  • Implement decentralized governance protocols allowing token holder voting on key decisions.
  • Expand carbon offset projects to include ocean cleanup initiatives.
  • Develop and launch a Panda Chain mobile app for easier access and use.
  • Integrate with major exchanges for enhanced $PCC liquidity and accessibility.
  • Achieve targeted carbon neutrality for all platform operations.


Elena Moreno

Elena leads the development of Panda Chain’s blockchain technology, focusing on integrating sustainable practices and eco-friendly innovations into the platform’s core operations

Raj Patel

Raj oversees the integration of environmental projects with blockchain solutions, ensuring that Panda Chain actively contributes to global conservation efforts through every transaction

Liu Yang

Liu is responsible for nurturing the Panda Chain community, engaging users through educational initiatives and leading outreach programs that promote the importance of sustainability in blockchain.